Anne Bandel

Project Manager (focus: Sustainability Flower)

Anne grew up in Northern Germany where she spend a lot of time at the farms of both her grandparents. Running over the green fields and feeding the pigs was always her favorite.

After school she studied communications and engaged herself in a student initiative for ethics in education and practices (sneep). Her working life started in a consultancy for corporate responsibility Schlange & Co., Hamburg, Germany. The team mainly develops sustainability strategies and reports for larger sized companies in Europe and conducts studies for German ministries and industries.

With this experience Anne went to Egypt to work at SEKEM, a company that started over thirty years ago to harvest herbs in the middle of the desert. Today the company grew to a group with seven main activities which cover agriculture and processing of herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as knitting of baby cloths all based on the principles of the Sustainability Flower. Anne was responsible for the creation of two of the sustainable development reports, the further development of the Sustainability Flower and the project management of a broader range of projects. Here she found again her roots in agriculture.

Finally, the decision was made to continue the work with the Sustainability Flower in the Soil & More Foundation so that all corporate partners that use the Sustainability Flower are equally integrated into the process. So, today, Anne is back in Hamburg working on the content of the Sustainability Flower and the implementation in various organizations.

Contact her via e-mail: anne.bandel(at)


Executive Director

After graduating in agricultural sciences at University of Hohenheim, Germany, Tobias Bandel worked as...