Save our Soils

Project category: 
Education & Raising Awareness

in 2015 was the United Nations Year of Soil and we need everybody’s support to promote the importance of healthy, living soils and we have to let farmers share their practical experience to maintain and develop soil fertility. The objective of the Save our Soils Fund is to support farmers worldwide to save and develop their soils in a healthy, sustainable way.

In particular the Save our Soils Fund will:
- Organize workshops and provide practical training materials for farmers worldwide
- Monitor and document existing sustainable soil management practices, review them and share them as best practice guidelines
- Carry out practical research projects on selected topics related to soils
- Assess and communicate the socio economic and true cost benefits of sustainably managed soils
- Liaise with like-minded organizations to promote the importance of soils to a wider audience

To realize these planned activities, the Save our Soils Fund requires a minimum of 500.000 € for the coming three years. You can support the Save our Soils Fund by making a donation.