The work of the Soil & More Foundation is mainly organized in projects. In general we do categorize our activities in three areas which are "Research & Development", "Education & Raising Awareness" and "Marketing & Communication Services". Below some current and future projects are listed.

Project Category: Education & Raising Awareness

The Save Our Soils campaign was initiated by Nature & More, as a partner in FAO‘s Global Soil Partnership. Many other NGO’s and companies have joined the campaign

Project Category: Research & Development

Costa Rica and New Zealand both recently committed to obligatory Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting across various sectors of industry including agriculture and further announced the introduction of a carbon and GHG emission based environmental tax scheme to be effective within the next years.

The overall idea of the Sustainability Flower is to create a common understanding of which aspects are crucial for sustainable development in the agricultural supply chain.

Soil & More International BV has conducted a study for the Agricultural Department of the former Egyptian National Competitiveness Council to compare the economic feasibility of Egypt’s seven key commodities (Wheat, Rice, Sugar Beet, Sugar Cane, Potatoes, Corn and Cotton), grown applying both

On a worldwide average the agricultural sector consumes over 70% of the available fresh water. Only 10% is consumed by domestic use. If we would manage to reduce the water consumption in the agricultural sector by only 10%, the amount of water available for domestic use would almost double.