International Association of Partnership in Ecology and Trade (IAP)

Development partner for the Sustainability Flower

In 1996 a group of international trade partners founded the „International Association for Partnership in Ecology and Trade“ (IAP). The new initiative was supposed to enhance cooperation and mutual learning among farmers, manufactur­ers, and distributors from the North and South. In addition, it intended to steadily improve the quality of organic products cultivated in developing countries. Most of the initial members of the group have been working together since 1984 to positively influ­ence the development and the impact of bio-dynamic and organic farming practice on a global scale. Until today it has developed into a forum for eco­nomic partners who are committed to the holistic development of organic farming through global partnership.

There are currently 14 permanent members from all around the world, represented by senior executive personalities, amongst others from Aastiderne (Denmark), Alnatura (Germany), Ambootia (India), Blaencamel Farm (UK), Dr. Schaette (Germany), EOSTA (The Netherlands), SEKEM (Egypt) and Soil & More (The Netherlands). The concept of the Sustainability Flower was born during a meeting of the IAP and has been implemented as reporting and management system in a couple of the organizations.

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Development partner for the Sustainability Flower / Founding partner

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Development partner for the Sustainability Flower

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