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ANBI/Charitable Status and How to donate?
As of January 1st 2011, the Dutch Tax Service (Belastingdienst) has granted to SMF ANBI status (Dutch website). The Dutch abbreviation ANBI means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen (Institution Aimed at the Common Good) refers to charitable, religious, humanistic, cultural and scientific institutions whose mission and operations are deemed by the Tax Service overwhelmingly to serve the Common Good. It safeguards that at least 90 % of the foundation's work is of general interest.
The Dutch government implements a fiscal policy that encourages the donation of funds to causes that advance the Common Good. Apart from granting tax advantages to SMF, ANBI status also favors SMF's Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons in countries that grant tax concessions to foreign registered charities, as well as those based in the Netherlands. Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons who have made a donation to SMF may be able to deduct the amount from taxable income. For more information about this regulation and donations to the Soil & More Foundation do not hesitate to contact us. The Soil & More Foundation RSIN/fiscal number: NL818892274B01

Goals of the Soil & More Foundation:

  • To develop and realize research and development projects related to soil in general but specifically regarding soil fertility, soil carbon, compost and compost extract, water holding capacity, natural disease suppression, soil and soil carbon based incentive schemes and the economics of sustainable soil and compost management based agriculture.
  • To further develop the concept of the Sustainability Flower in regards to the assessment criteria and guidelines, tools and methodologies, communication frameworks as well as legalities such as membership structures and general administration.
  • To establish a research and development network with public and private sector entities.
  • To organize educational and awareness raising events for sustainable development in the agricultural sector.

The Soil & More Foundation is owned by its founding members and is governed through a Board which appoints an Executive Director. The Soil & More Foundation’s funding for the foundations activities will be initially provided through strategic entities as well as continuous project fundraising. All boardmembers are involved on a pro-bono basis.

The head office is located in Holland, but development centers will be established in strategic regions in partnership with local entities.

The structure of the Soil & More Foundation:

The members of the board


Patrick Holden's 250 acre mixed hill farm is now the longest established organic dairy farm in Wales, producing a raw milk...

Secretary and Treasurer

Aart van den Bos is co-founder and managing Partner of Soil...

Member of the Board

Helmy Abouleish is Vice Chairman and Managing Director of SEKEM Group in Egypt, a...

Member of the Board

In his search for ecological fine coffee, tea and herbs, biological entrepreneur Walter Ulrich, director of...

Member of the Board

Volkert worked for Cargill Inc USA before founding Eosta in 1990. The Dutch...