Welcome to the Soil & More Foundation

  • Research: The darker the soil, the higher the carbon content
  • Research: Sampling soil for a carbon sequestration study
  • Ambootia: Healthy soil, healthy people
  • EOSTA: Building bridges between growers and consumers
  • SEKEM: Greening the Desert

Welcome to the Soil & More Foundation

Explore current and future projects in the fields of soil fertility, true cost analysis and sustainability assessment as well as the ongoing partnerships with various organizations. Or learn more about the administrative structure of the foundation and the board.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which knowledge about good agricultural practices is established throughout the supply chains of our food systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is a road map developed to achieve our vision. It states our activities as a company and serves as a benchmark for our actions and decisions. We formulated four commitments that also reflect the motivation for our ongoing efforts...